While visiting Antelope Canyon in Southern Utah, Jasa had a powerful encounter with a Blue Kachina.  He appeared in a flash of light, and with a flick of his fingers, he imparted an energetic impulse and a telepathic message, deep into her heart and psychic center.  Then, in another flash,  he disappeared as quickly as he had appeared.

When Jasa returned home, the Kachina appeared in her Healing Temple.  Telepathically, he stated that he had been sent to work with her.  Thus, began what is now call the "Blue Kachina Light Language Healing", a 3-fold, combined process. 

1.  "Energetics" to send prompts into and through the mind/body systems to dissolve and break through blockages.

2.   "Vibrations" used to create sound pulses for breaking up "densities" stuck deep in the body.

3.   "Light Language" to activate primed subtle energies readied for discharge, and then refilling the body with healing light.

Combining techniques creates profound shifts moving into and between cells in ways, that she believes, single techniques fail to do.  If you have tried other techniques to create a quantum shift, and you are tired of re-working the same emotional real estate, gift yourself with a Blue Kachina "Light Language" Healing.


In July, Jasa traveled to Brazil to have a personal experience with the healer medium known worldwide as "John of God".  It was there, in Central Brazil, she re-encountered her own broken heart.  

Days of prayers and silent meditation, reawakened heartaches and memories, large and small.  Many dated back to early childhood.  Jasa rediscovered things long forgotten but still trapped within her body.  

Jasa asked "John of God" to remove anything that interferred with her being a clear channel for Gods' light to pour through.  What she received was a profound experience of self forgiveness that allowed  the "Forgiveness Process" to be brought forth into the world.

As children, most people are taught to forgive and ask others for forgiveness.  What Jasa learned was how important it is to truly forgive and heal from own unconscious self wounding.

"THE FORGIVENESS PROCESS" guides you into, and through, a portal of real self-forgiveness.  Working with the power of prayer, invoking the Divine, speaking truth without blame, judgement or attachment to outcome, is the essence of the "Forgiveness Process".    

If these words resonate anywhere within you, and you know that this is the next step you need to take towards inner harmony, contact Jasa to schedule a session.



I've always been fascinated with tribal people and the ways they decorated their bodies. 

Before actually committing to this tattoo, I "pondered" it , prayed about it and drew it on my hand many times before finally following through on what I had been told by Spirit to do.

This tattoo represents five sacred symbols that appear in every culture.

1.  Circle of Wholeness.

2.  Square of Balance.

3.  Triangle of Possibility.

4.   Equidistant Cross of Blessings.

5.   Spiral of Infinity.

I was directed by Spirit to tattoo my hand, prior to a trip to Sedona.  I had checked the "tattoo pain meter" and I knew the palm of the hand would be painful.  Literally, I held out until I was running out of time.  I had it completed the morning before my departure.   

Spirit said the symbols would be activated once I was in actually in Sedona.  By the time I got to Sedona,  each symbol pulsed in my hand and I could feel the individual shape of each one.   

When activation occurred, it occurred in both hands.  The right hand pulsed the same way as the left.  I was told that the right hand symbols were made of "Spirit light" and they were to work directly with DNA.