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Jasa, The Mystic Priestess

Jasa Johnson is a Pittsburgh, PA. based Shamanic Energy Healer and Non-Denominational, Ordained Shamanic Healing Minister.  As an "Initiated" Shamanic Priestess of Isis, she works with the healing energies of Jesus, the Christ; Mary, the Mother; and Mary, the Magdalene.

For more than three decades, Jasa studied cross-cultural healing modalities with teachers from many disciplines. Some of these teachers include: Dr. Michael Harner, Dr. Jean Houston, Dr. Angeles Arrien, Richard Sutphen, Cris Grissom, Dr. Jean Achterberg, Judith McKinnon, Aanya McAndrews and more.   Jasa's breadth of study and extensive travels/studies around the globe, allow her to offer a unique blend of skills, and a broadened  healing, coaching, and teaching prospective.

Jasa's approach is Shamanic, using a blended variety of skills in every client session she brings together Sacred Psychology, Touch/Body/Energy Therapies, Shamanic Cranio-Massage, Sound and Vibrational Healing, "Light Language", Creative Harmonics, Core Shamanic practices and more. She is a teacher, facilitator, and creator of Sacred Living Rituals and Shamanic Ceremonies.

Certified by the "Life Mastery Institute", Jasa is also a "Dream Builder Life Coach". With every client, coaching skills are used to create an optimal healing experience. She welcomes the opportunity to work with you and support your personal and spiritual unfolding.


SHAMANIC ENERGY HEALING   (2 hour process)

This basic introduction to Shamanic Healing is an opportunity to allow yourself to "pause, regroup and regather".

Shamanic Healing rebalances and restores your body/mind system. This type of healing connects you with your innate ability to heal and create  greater clarity.  At the conclusion of each session, clients report an experience of well being deep within their core self, and an experience of their mind will unwind.


RELEASE AND RECALIBRATION   (2 hour, three-fold process)

This healing session creates deep inner peace, increased levels of life force and helps replenish vitality.

  1. Working with "your" personal "Team of Energy and Spirit Healers", Jasa creates for you a healing chamber allowing you to deeply relax.  Creating this healing vortex allows the energetic pulses to move through your body with greater ease.
  2. Through touch, intention, prayers and energetics, your body is primed to release what is no longer in service to your highest well being.  
  3. Once the blueprint for "release" is set, it is activated.  When toxins begin draining, the session shifts into "Energetic Realignment, Recalibration and System Restoration".

This specific healing session creates deep inner peace, increased levels of life force energy and helps replenish vitality.



This healing uses two separate healing modalities at the same time.  Working with two healers, the experience maximizes saturation within your body. This is a two hour process for those clients that want a "jump start" in their quest for wholeness and healing. Synergistic Integration helps reprogram limiting thoughts and beliefs, while at the same time, recalibrates and rebalances the body.



  • This ceremony uses "cross-cultural and aboriginal" teachings on the four aspects of "Being": Mind/Body/Emotion and Spirit. This is an interactive healing ritual about "TRUTH", your truth.  
  • The Wheel of Life supports deep understanding of your sacred contracts, purpose and ways to honor your "Earth Walk".  The goal is to support you in living an enriched life and make soul-based,  life affirming choices.




TERRA FIRMA (4 - 6 Hours)

  • This workshop is about "YOU" and "YOUR BODY". Terra Firma is about achieving personal "detente". It's about choosing to stop being "at war" with the physical vehicle created to house your Spirit. 
  • Using a variety of shamanic and aboriginal assessment techniques, you'll create a body template. Through this template, this doorway, your body wisdom will speak and interact directly with you.  You'll be shown the truthful, and frequently secret untold story of your relationship to your physicality.  
  • The ultimate goal of the workshop is for you to understand every part of your physical story, so "détente" can begin. Learning to love and honor your body, the way it is, right now, is the only goal of this workshop. 



  • People carry pain and the resonance of trauma(s) in their heart, body and energy fields.  Over time, these secret burdens become too heavy to bare, yet we refuse, or don't know how to release them.  Suffering alone, frequently in silence, inner pain gradually robs you of joy, life force, and energy. 
  • This workshop is about "Radical Self Forgiveness".  Participants will have an opportunity to let their energetic "bag of rocks", fall away.  Releasing and unleashing the energy held captive in your "bag", is the only way to refocus and refuel your life.  
  • Because of the intensity of this process, heart healing work can be done individually or in a group setting with no more than five participants.  If you, your women's group, or just a few close friends want to help each other heal through this process, please contact Jasa for details.


1 - to - 1 : A PERSONAL HEALING RETREAT (8 - 10 Hours)

  • This option is for people who want to change the quality of their life and experience a quantum shift.  This Healing Retreat is a full day devoted entirely to "you" and "your healing."  
  • During your time in the "Intensive", you will receive: Bodywork, Coaching, Energy - Sound, and Vibrational Healing, and participate in a Healing  Ceremony/Ritual  (created especially for you), and much more. 
  • You'll have an opportunity to dive deep into, through and beyond all the places you've feared excavating and exploring.  The focus during this entire Retreat is to reawaken your soul's purpose and explore answers to your inner yearnings.  This "Private Retreat" will also support you in finding your voice, calling in and embracing the courage required to live your dreams.


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