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Jasa, The Mystic Priestess


Jasa Johnson is a Pittsburgh, PA. based Shamanic Energy Healer and Non-Denominational, Ordained Shamanic Healing Minister.  As an "Initiated" Shamanic Priestess of Isis, she works with the healing energies of your personal spiritual support team.  As part of every healing session, she calls on your ancestors, all the Ancient Ones, the Healers, Guides, Teachers and evolved beings that watch over you.  Jasa also surrounds you with the presence of God, the Father, Jesus, the Christ,  Mary, the Mother, and Saint Mary, the Magdalene.

Her work with clients opens them to the presence and skills of light beings, inter-dimensional healing helpers,  spirit beings and the elemental energies of Earth, Air, Fire and Water.   Over the past three years, Jasa has been speaking and using Light Language, Light Codes, DNA Activation and the energies of the Dragon Kingdom.   Initiated as a Dragon Priestess, the power and presence of the Dragon helpers is an active part of every healing session.

Jasa has studied and been a student of cross-cultural healing modalities for many years.  Her teachers come from a variety of disciplines that include: 

  • Dr. Michael Harner, Ph.D., (Foundation for Shamanic Studies) 
  • Dr. Jean Houston, Ph.D. (Ancient Mystery School)
  • Dr. Angeles Arrien, Ph.D.,  ( Cross-Cultural Anthroplogy and The Four Fold Way)
  • Dr. Carolyn Myss, (Energy Anatomy and Soul Contracts)
  • Richard Sutphen, (Hypnosis and Past Life Regression)  
  • Cris Griscom, (Past Life Regression Training, The Light Institute) 
  • Dr. Jeanne Achterberg, (Imagery and Healing) 
  • Judith McKinnon, (McKinnon Massage and Body Therapy Center) 
  •  Aanya McAndrews, (High Priestess, www.goddessontheloose.com) 
  • Mary Manin Morrissey, (Life Coaching Certification, Life Mastery Institute)
  • and many more.   

Jasa's depth and breath of study,  and her extensive global travels, has allowed her to develop a unique blend of healing skills.  She offers a broadened prospective, that allows her to customized her sessions to unique client needs and unusual circumstances.

When working with Jasa, her approach is dynamic, deeply spiritual and shamanically focused.  She expertly guides clients into, and through, the things that rob them of their joy and keeps them stuck and trapped in the energy of suffering.   Jasa weaves together Sacred Psychology, Touch/Body/Energy Therapies, Shamanic Cranio-Massage, Sound and Vibrational Healing, "Light Language", "Light Code and DNA Activation", Creative Harmonics, Core Shamanic practices and more.  She is a teacher, facilitator, and creator of Sacred Living Rituals and transformational Shamanic Ceremonies.

Certified by the "Life Mastery Institute" as a "Dream Builder Life Coach" Jasa uses her coaching skills to create an optimal healing experience.   If you've thought about "it", worried about "it", talked about "it" until you just can't listen to your voice, or thoughts, anymore, contact Jasa to discuss how she might truly be of service to you on your journey into wellness and greater aliveness.

*H*E*A*L*I*N*G* S*E*S*S*I*O*N*S*



A "Shamanic Energy Healing" session is an opportunity to allow yourself to "pause, re-group, re-gather and renew".

SHAMANIC ENERGY HEALING rebalances and restores your body/mind system. This session connects you with your innate ability to "self correct" and generate greater clarity.   At the conclusion of each session, clients report an experience of greater well being deep within their core.  Core Shamanic Healing creates a feeling of lightness, mental clarity and an experience of you mind relaxing,  unwinding and open to greater flow and ease.  If you are desiring a change, you feel inner promptings telling you that you need a shift, then a Shamanic Healing Energy is a great place to start.




Working with "your" personal team of energy and spirit healers, Jasa creates a healing experience specific to your transformation.  As you  relaxed, expand and open, your heart will unclench as you begin  receiving the grace and essence of Spirit.  You will feel your "Mind/Body/Spirit System" begin to activate and shift. 

As Jasa listens carefully to the messages she receives about which specific touch, mantras, intentions, prayers, vibrations and energetics you required, your body is primed and  made ready for discharge.   As you start releasing what is no longer in service to your highest well being, the deeper work begins .

Once  the "transformation blueprint" and the "light codes" are downloaded, set, and activated,  discharge begins.  You'll feel energetic toxins draining from your body.  As non-useful energies drain out, the healing power of Spirit refills your body.  "Energetic Realignment, Recalibration " will begin to flow into your body, as you integrate the experience of new inner software activating.

The Energy Release and Recalibration healing session creates deep inner peace, increases levels of life force energy, and helps restore balance, joy, lifeforce and vitality.




This ceremony uses "cross-cultural and aboriginal" teachings on the four aspects of "Being", mind/body/emotion and Spirit.  This is an interactive healing ritual about "TRUTH", your truth.  

The Sacred Wheel of Life supports deep understanding of your soul contracts, life purpose and ways of honoring your "Earth Walk".  The goal is for you to live an enriched life making soul nurturing choices.  During this session you will:  

  • Cut psychic cords and bindings.
  • Own and speak your authentic truth(s).
  • Express unspoken beliefs, opinions, thoughts and anger.
  • Experience a retrieval of your lost soul parts.
  • Awaken and raise your inner Dragon/Phoenix.
  • Grieve your self losses.
  • Regain and reclaim your stolen, lost and forgotten energies.
  • Shift and/or break old behaviors and energy patterns,
  • And much more.

Do you desire a bigger more authentic life?   Do you want more energy?  Are willing to trust yourself to show up for your own life?  Are you willing to pay attention to what has heart and deep meaning for you?  Are you  finally ready to speak your truth, without blame, shame or judgement?  Are you willing to find, claim and embrace your place of wholeness?  Are you ready to dream a new or bigger dream for your life?  If so,  this ceremonial healing has been created for you. 






This workshop is about "YOU" and "YOUR BODY".   The healing goals of 

Terra-Firma are two-fold:

  • Create an achieve personal "detente" between your body, your thoughts and your beliefs, about your body. 
  • Allow your body to share its' wisdom directly with you, so that you'll stop being "at war" with the physical vehicle Divinely created to carry your Spirit. 

Using a variety of shamanic techniques, you'll meet with your divine essence in your inner Body Temple.  Here, you'll have an opportunity to interact with the "wisdom council" residing there.  You'll relearn the secret, and untold story, of the ways your body is in service to your divine mission.  This workshop is where you'll  begin to:


  • Honor, understand and appreciate every part of your physical story.  
  • Allow for peaceful resolution,
  •  Restore honor and balance. 
  • Learn appreciation, respect and love of your physicality.
  •  Honor your body exactly as it is, right now.

Terra-Firma is where you  generate courage, reclaim power and directly reconnect to your inner Gaia. 



In the words of his Holiness, the Dali Lama:  "Pain is inevitable.  Suffering is optional."

People carry pain and the resonance of trauma(s) in their heart, body and energy fields.  Women carry it in their heart and womb.  Men carry it in their heart and mind.  Over time, these secret burdens become too heavy to bare, yet we refuse, or don't know how, to release or come to resolution with them.  

Under the guise of "working through them" we secretly worship pain, and then decorate and polish our altars of suffering.   Excuses are made about why we keep making choices to remain stuck, dissatisfied, broken hearted and unhappy.  Many choose to suffer alone while others enjoy company.  People suffer in silent misery or act-out projecting their discontent.  This plague of broken heartedness and dis-ease slowly steals joy, robs life force, depletes vitality, and breaks down health.

 Are you in need of radical self forgiveness?   Are you willing to surrender your beliefs in, and attachment to, the troubles, worries, guilt and sorrows that drain your life?  Then you are ready to open and heal your deepest heart wounds.  

Participants in Healing Through The Heart Of Mother Mary will have an opportunity to:

  •  Release their energetic "bag of rocks".  
  • Let the bag of troubles drop, open and be set free.   
  • Release and unleashing the energy held captive in your "bag of s***".
  • Reattune, refocus and refuel your life. 

Heart healing work is essential and can be done individually or in a group setting.  If you want to heal through this powerful forgiveness process, please contact Jasa for details.  It is never too late to ask for or offer forgiveness and releasing yourself from the self created bondage of suffering.




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