Client Testimonials

T.S., Pittsburgh, PA., Boston, MA.

Synergestic Integration (SI) is a combination of two healing modalities.  Together they helped clear blockages I had on many levels.  SI empowered me to directly connect with my own inner sources of wisdom and being.  Immediately after my session, I felt like I was in a beautiful dreamlike state, but also grounded.  After a few days, my vision was clearer and I was able to see people and things as a truth - similar to a light bulb shining on all areas of my life.  I could see things as they were, without imparting my own judgement and desires.  I am grateful that I had this experience.  I highly recommend SI for someone who is ready to let go of what may be holding them back from achieving their dreams.  

D.A., Pittsburgh, PA.

Jasa and I had an encounter at the Three Rivers Free Clinic.  She told me, "I needed to heal the helpless, scared, little boy inside of me".  Well, the next day I had a group E.F.T. Session.  That session brought up an event that I had clearly suppressed within myself as a young child.  Confusion, guilt, fear, pain were just a few of the emotions I tapped on.

  As I shared my story, tears started rolling down my face.  It was the first time I had cried in many, many years.  It was the first time I had ever let myself feel the pain of my upbringing. My tears kept coming.  They would slow down, then speed up, and it was very intense.  It hurt, but it was an amazing release.  

D.A. cont.

I allowed my feelings to surface.  Instead of suppressing them  I allowed them to emerge.  I processed through them and allowed them to leave me.  It was very empowering just like when Jasa had me scream out as loud as I could to release trapped inner pain.  I am so very thankful for the encounter. I do believe that it was meant to happen that way for a specific reason.  

I am here to heal and Jasa was right when she told me, "You could not heal anyone any further than you have allowed yourself to heal".  After the screams opened me, I felt a sense of self that I had only had glimpses of previously.  Thank you so much Jasa.  I really appreciate your love and support of my growth and healing.  

J.F-S., Scottdale, PA. (Private Healing in the STARGATE.)

Entering this magical healing and sacred space, I could feel waves of energy flowing from the intricate and intensely powerful Stargate grid.  This grid was lovingly put together for the purpose of my healing.  I could feel its power all the way down into my soul.  I knew this was the day I would let go of all that was holding me back.  The healers of this world seem to need the most healing...and I am definitely one of them.

As I excitedly sat in the center of the grid, I could feel the power flowing lovingly from my cosmic parents, Mother Earth and Father God.  I felt swirling energy and focused intent as the healing prayers began.  As the healing started, I felt focused energies penetrate my chakras.  I could feel transformation in every chakra, at every level, every lifetime and in every dimension. I felt suspended, deeply nutured and completely love.  As each chakra was focused on, the intensity of the healing energies increased.

J.F-S cont.

A clairvoyant journey began to unfold.  I was experiencing the healing necessary for me to release all that no longer served my highest good.  The traumas of my childhood, the deep sense of loss I'd felt from my parents passing, and the fear of truly experiencing the energy of the world had weighed on me.  At this point I was transported.  I sat in communion with God. I experienced overwhelming unconditional love and peace.  The oneness I felt was indescribable.  I was with God...with all aspects of my being.  Finally, I felt more whole and grounded and fully here and present ... for the first time in almost 40 years.

I highly recommend the STARGATE Healing.  It is by far one of the most magical, nurturing and empowering healing sessions I have had thus far in my journey.  Self care is at the top of my list.  As a Medium, Intuitive Healer, Therapist, Mommy, Wife, Sister and friend ... all aspects of me are       

J.F-S cont.

more fully realized because of this experience.  I am thankful and blessed to have this beautiful experience with two of the most loving and healing women I am honored to know.