D.M., Pittsburgh, PA.

Working with Jasa was an incredible gift.  Not only does she have a deep spiritual walk, she also has tremendous skills that she uses with gentleness and kindness. She has a powerful ability to focus on what is important and what will bring the greatest benefit to a situation.  This is a woman I will go to for energy work and know that it would be an experience of the Divine.  

E.C., Fullerton, CA.

Several days ago, I had a Dream Builder Strategy Session with Jasa Johnson.  I approached it with skepticism, but left it feeling euphoric.  I attribute the success of our session to Jasa's amazing ability to listen with her heart as well as her ears, and to offer hope where there is doubt.  I have never known anyone who retains practically everything she learns from and about people, animals and life.  From a burst of euphoria to a pilot lite of hope burning in the center of my soul, I know that Jasa brought about a change in my attitudes towards life that will be with me indefinitely.

F.P, Asheboro, N. Carolina

My experience working with Jasa has been life changing. I have had the good fortune of working with her on several occasions and to experience her in her different roles. Jasa is a brilliant Shaman, Healer, Transformational Coach, Speaker and Facilitator.  Her genuine warmth and strength creates a safe haven which not only makes discovery possible, but also inevitable.  She has an uncanny ability to guide you to discover your deepest truths and solutions.  Like a torch, she illuminates forgotten gifts left in the darkness and then supports you in discovering their meaning and purpose. I hope that you will find yourself lucky enough to work with her.    

K.C., Pittsburgh, PA.

Healing hands, warm heart, insightful words and penetrating prayers describes Rev. Jasa Johnson.  Jasa is a healer and has the mastery of a warm hearted Shaman.  She has supported me and others in our discovery of divine feminine power.  I am very appreciative of her ability to intuitively listen to my needs and collaboratively work with me to find the most helpful remedies to my challenges.  She utilized different modalities ranging from Dream Building Coaching Sessions, soul work and transformational body work. She takes her time, gives her love and wisdom and helps release emotional and physical obstacles.  She is strong in character, but not overbearing, and I find that to be a winning quality.  

C.C., Pittsburgh, PA./Cleveland, OH.

Being a publisher of five magazines, and the promoter of over 180 events since 1999, I have had the opportunity to experience many, many different healing modalities and healers.  I can confidently say that Jasa is in the top three.  I know when I get on the massage table and get a Shamanic session with Jasa, it will not only be healing, but a lot of times, life changing.  I highly recommend, if you want change in your life, by all means, experience her yourself.

T.R.C., Pittsburgh, PA

I was on a quest in my journey of life.  I know that I was called to make a difference.  My life had mission and I was determined to make my mark in the world.  There was just one problem.  I had become the best of friends with procrastination and excuses.  "When the student is ready, the Teacher will appear."  That would be the life changing day that I met Jasa.  I wish I could say my journey became easier.  It didn't, but my purpose became clear and the missions no longer seemed impossible.  Jasa's spiritual journey allowed my soul to open up.  I am so thankful for this healing experience.  Jasa is truly amazing.