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Two-Day Training Intensive

In December 2018, I contacted Jasa about a two-day Training Intensive.  I have been working with her for the past 4 years doing deep soul exploration and healing.   I received a clear message that I am ready to learn how to safely facilitate, and open to the Christ Consciousness that has been asking to come through.   Jasa opened up her holiday schedule for me to come and explore what we could uncover.  I had been facilitating sessions prior to this intensive, but studying with Jasa completely changed my approach, as well as the clarity I had  about myself as a open conduit for Christ's love.  We spent a good bit of time talking and discussing questions around holding space and session facilitation.   These discussions were incredibly helpful because it showed me how to open with a solid foundation in starting each session.  Our discussions included calling in protection, sharing fully about what the session may included, asking how I might be of service to the client and asking the clients permission to touch their physical body during the session.   We also discussed creating protocols to give the client permission to fully vocalize their specific needs.   Whether their need was to stop the session,  adjust or move their physical or energetic body, release energy through sound, vocalizations and movements, etc.    Jasa helped me recognize how important, and crucial, these aspect are to help everyone involved feel safe and able to develop trust and open up for what needs to come through. 

Jasa asked people to come over and "lend their bodies to science".  For me, the opportunity to practice what I was learning was incredibly helpful.  Learning and practicing in a safe space was all that I needed to spark flames of confidence.  Being immersed in learning, and then actually doing sessions helped me experience what this "state of presence" could be.  Each session became more and more visual, which was incredibly new to me.   New energetic tools were presented to me during each session.  I watched,  and then participated, as Spirit taught me how these tools  were to be used.  I also developed a deep appreciation for "asking and surrendering".  I wanted to allow Christ to come through me and do whatever was needed for the client.  I continue to have very profound visions of Christ, cleansing bodies of anything that is causing stagnation.  (I saw black sludge pouring out of the clients hands an feet as Christ worked through me.)  I had a realization that Christ is coming back through all our hearts, and I am being asked to help facilitate this awakening.  WOW!  That realization has completely changed my life.  My life direction has been refined and continues to refine itself more with each passing day.  I am currently doing a lot of remote healing sessions.  Both the remote, and the in-person sessions are creating incredibly profound experiences for the client.  The sessions have been anywhere from 30 - 60 minutes, and it seems like they're being expedited.  No time to waste anymore!!

Jasa is a great teacher.  She opens her space and allows you to find whatever it is that you are seeking, and what it is that is seeking you.  She answered the questions I had  and helped me create a foundation that strengthened my connection to Source.  Our work continues to evolve and refine.  Thank you Jasa!!  I highly encourage anyone who feels compelled and ready to start their service in intuitive/shamanic energy work, to work with Jasa Johnson.  There are minimal words to describe the intensity and profound effects of the Training Intensive .    Being in a safe space allowed me to open into a deep resonance of "Universal Love".   If you listen, the guidance is there waiting to share itself with you.

D. Antonelli

(Mr. Antonelli can reached via text message at 412-519-5634.)

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