Why Shamanic Healing?

Honoring Life. Tilling Seeds. Growing A Soul.

We are "Becoming".  Regardless of how things appear to our eyes, mind and sensibilities.  We awaken, and return to sleep, over and over again.  

This site "calls" to those who seek a deeper connection to their inner evolution.  Jasa assists with your unfolding, and guides you to answers beneath, behind and between your words, and stories. 

Humans hunger for transformation and spiritual understanding.  Working with Jasa, a Pittsburgh, PA.  based Shamanic Healer, provides fertile ground to dig deep, explore, gather and begin replanting your seeds of possibility and hope.   

Tell Your Story. Love Your "Bones". Create Anew.


If you are breathing, you still have inner work to do. Odd as that may sound to some, we are each enrolled in "Earth School".  

Often, Earth School coursework can leave us feeling broken or lost.  Enduring and growing through life's inevitable changes can feel like all that's left, are our "bones".

We are incomplete if we focus only on perfection, perception and external beauty.  Whether it's a challenging experience, realignment, misstep or mistake, how we choose to respond is what brings forward our inner beauty and encourages each of us to create anew.  

Are You Searching?


Talked about "It" until you can't listen, or even complain to yourself anymore?

Cried, loss sleep or worried about 'It", and you're "just done"?

Ready to SHIFT?

 Gain a new perspective? 

Step away from the unproductive path you've been treading?

I have a question for you.  

Life is calling.  Are you listening?